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2016 Marketing Highlights

BRMALLS, in the past few years, has been reinforcing its entertainment actions based on research and partnership with consumer behavior consulting companies. As a leisure destination, our malls have attracted families, increasing the time they stay in our assets and, consequently, their potential for consumption.

As the market leader, the company has pioneered several tendencies and is watching kids' behavior to establish efficient strategies in order to stand out in this environment. We take in to account important topics such as family behavior, consumer habits and interpersonal relations in order to set our future strategies. Exclusive partnerships and new upcoming events continue to be our main focus as well as franchising events featuring characters of classics and contemporary shows and movies.

In 2016, BRMALLS will bring to its portfolio the newest kids broadcast phenomenon: "Earth to Luna!". The cartoon is exhibited in cable TV and has been reaching top audiences rates in the last few months, taking down some solid animations in the country. The company sees a high potential in using the character of "Earth to Luna!" to increase the flow of families in our shopping centers. The character, created in 2014, is already licensed by over 30 companies, working in several industries connected to kids' consumption.

Partnership with Disney

Consolidação da parceria com a Disney
Consolidação da parceria com a Disney Consolidação da parceria com a Disney

BRMALLS is currently the largest Disney partner in the global shopping center industry, focused in making sure that the magic that comes along with the Disney brand is delivered. Among the several Disney attractions expected for the year are: the Princesses, Avengers, Star Wars, Frozen, Mickey, Toy Story and the June, 2016 release Dory.

Our goal has been to adopt the characters and its attributes and to develop projects that bring curiosity and the possibility for the kids to interact. The use of a licensed character in a common event is not enough. The company wants to surprise the clients.

BRMALLS' concern is in establishing a dynamic character portfolio taking into consideration contemporary hits as well as the classics. This in a very favorable combination because it attracts families through the kids' euphoria and parents' nostalgia. As the company who sets the tone for the shopping center sector, in 2016, BRMALLS presented the Giant Ball Pool attraction in 2015. Due to the success of the event, many companies copied its format throughout the year. In 2016 the Giant Ball Pool will feature Dory, Toy Story and Mickey themes.

Investments in "play and learn" attractions

Investments in

The company keeps an incessant search for new attractive entertainment stands. A new leisure experience and learning will be available in 2016: Inspired in museums that awake the curiosity in children, Aerolandia is an event in which a real Embraer plane is exhibited in our shopping centers. The plane is adapted for educational interactivity in children and teenagers modern science and scientific technological inventions. There are over 20 new displays that will tour in our facilities in the next months.

Reducing Common Costs – OBZ Program

The OBZ Program is a management program to improve condominium costs and therefore contributing to the Company’s’ sustainable growth. It aims to eliminate the inefficiency in costs from previous years and stimulate a culture of efficiency. The implementation of the OBZ methodology program introduces management tools previously unexplored, which act as reductions mechanisms of condominium costs. 200 commandments were turned into cost reduction actions in malls. The program grouped the costs in seven “packages” according to the nature of the costs.

OBZ Program