Company Profile


We are the largest shopping mall company in Brazil

We are the largest company in Brazil's shopping mall sector in terms of total gross leasable area, owned gross leasable area and number of malls. We are also the country's largest supplier of mall management services, as well as leasing and merchandising services.

Our Portfolio

We ended 2015 with 45 malls in our portfolio, comprising 1,638.1 thousand m² of total GLA and 957.9 thousand m² of owned GLA, with more than 9,000 stores leased and tenant sales of R$22.5 billion. The average share of our malls is 58.5% in terms of GLA. When it comes to malls in which we hold at least a 50% share, they represented 88.8% of our total NOI in 2014. When it comes to malls in which we control the administration directly, they represented 96.3% in the total NOI of BRMALLS in 2015.

Our portfolio is strategically diversified according to the income levels and geographic position. Our highest concentration of NOI comes from the middle-income group. Brazil's emerging middle class has grown rapidly in recent years and should continue to growth.

Nosso Portfólio BRMALLS