Corporate Governance


Commitment to superior corporate governance standards

Throughout 2015, the Company focused on improving its corporate governance practices. Our IR team worked hard on keeping investors and analysts even better informed by organizing events, increasing analyst coverage and optimizing meetings and conferences.


In the final quarter of 2015, we held an event, which took place on December 9th at São Paulo, bringing together several analysts and investors for a morning presentation by our Company. All of the Company's executive officers took part, including our CEO, Carlos Medeiros. Due to the success of the event, we hope to do something similar in 2015 again at a Company property as part of our efforts to keep the market informed about BRMALLS.


Conferences are extremely important opportunities for meeting with investors and analysts, as well as expanding the Company's international visibility. Given that BRMALLS has many foreign investors, participating in international conferences is one of our primary IR goals. In 2015, the Company took part in 17 domestic and international conferences.


It is also crucial to maintain contact with shareholders and potential investors on a daily basis. Our IR team organizes non-deal road shows and conference calls, as well as meetings with investors, analysts and anyone else who wants to find out more about the Company. This allows us to keep our investors and analysts abreast of what is happening at the Company and what to expect in the future.


One of the simplest ways of expanding our investor base is through coverage by analysts from important banks and other financial institutions. We currently have 14 analysts tracking the Company.