Social and Environmental Awareness

Caring for future generations

Since its inception, BRMALLS has been introducing the best operational and financial practices into its malls, over the years BRMALLS implemented several projects that will help the environment and allow the company to grow in a more sustainable manner. Whether through educating its customers or by adopting internal measures, BRMALLS is having an increasingly beneficial impact on its surrounding environment. Below are some the practices that we have adopted at our malls:


We are fully aware of the impact of urban waste on our planet and the crucial importance of recycling, which is mandatory at our malls. The waste generated by all the malls we manage is separated according to its type into clearly-labeled individual containers located in corridors and food courts. We also ensure appropriate treatment for special types of waste, such as batteries, florescent lamps and oil.

Energy Savings

We focused our efforts on identifying new means of saving energy. Among these projects was the retrofit of the Water Cooling Center, which involved replacing old air conditioning machines with more efficient models that consume less energy and, as a result, help to preserve the environment. In addition, we purchased energy on the open market from small hydroelectric plants (SHPs) and small thermoelectric plants (STPs), both of which are beneficial to the environment and economically sustainable.

2015 Energy Saving Initiatives

– LED Lights

By substituting its conventional lamps by LED lights, BRMALLS hopes to improve the efficiency of the lighting in our malls. LED lights offer a low consumption (80% less than conventional lamps), high durability and lower heating solution to save energy and lower the occupancy cost of our tenants. This project was successfully implemented in Shopping Tijuca where we recorded a 50% reduction in energy costs. We are currently replicating the project in 5 other malls: Center Shopping Uberlândia, Goiânia, Campinas and Jardim Sul.

– Centralized Energy Control System

After introducing a centralized energy monitoring system in all of our malls, we hope to increase our control and management over our energy consumption. This way we can map out energy consumption hikes and quickly act on it in case of a contingency.

– Tennant Energy Consumption Awareness Program

In 2015 BRMALLS introduced a tenant energy consumption awareness program in five of our malls: NorteShopping, Catuaí Londrina, Shopping ABC, Center Shopping Uberlândia e Del Rey. We invited energy experts and held events that focused on the reduction of energy consumption and sustainability best practices. We also partnered up with an efficiency consultant group to visit the stores and find all possible opportunities to reduce consumption and replace machinery and equipment. The program considerably reduced our energy consumption and promoted a sustainability culture among our tenants. We hope to extend the program to the rest of our portfolio.

– Conscious Water Consumption and recycling

At BRMALLS we are aware of the importance of water and therefore, adopt several measures to decrease our consumption. Be it through stickers in all our bathrooms, booklets for our tenants and outsourced employees and specific training programs. We also reuse and recycle our water in several of our malls. In malls such as Maringá, NorteShopping, Granja Vianna, Tamboré, among others, we harvest Rainwater and send it to our own treatment stations.

Social Responsibility

BRMALLS is the largest shopping mall company in Brazil, reaching a huge number of consumers. As such, we are well aware of our ability to influence our surrounding communities. Every year, we make the common areas of our malls available for vaccination, disease prevention and NGO fundraising campaigns, organize workshops for children and the elderly, and distribute donations to orphanages and NGOs during the Christmas season.