Growth Drivers


Asset’s Divestments

Since its foundation, BRMALLS grew mainly through acquisitions. The Company acquired 40 assets during its first years and developed 10 new malls and 20 expansions. In 2011, BRMALLS started a portfolio recycling process. In 2014 the Company sold stakes in 6 malls. In 2015, we continued with our portfolio recycling strategy, which seeks to sell stakes in assets in which we hold minority stakes and do not manage or assets with limited growth opportunities when compared to the company average. We sold stakes in 4 malls in 2015 of which 3 we sold our entire stake in the mall. We sold a total of 41.9 thousand m² of owned GLA, the equivalent of 4.2% of our owned GLA at the end of 2014, for over R$370.0 million.


Capim Dourado

On June 30th we opened Capim Dourado's first expansion adding 7.5 thousand m² of GLA to the existing mall. Opened in 2010, Shopping Capim Dourado is located in the city of Palmas, state of Tocantins and it is the only mall in the state. The mall is a destination to 250 thousand inhabitants that live in the capital city as well as over 200 thousand inhabitants from nearby cities. Palmas is the capital city with the highest population growth in the last decade. The region has a strong focus on education, with schools and universities that serve more than 30 thousand students. Approximately 30% of the population is employed in the public service, the rest in construction, services, education and the health sector.

The mall already possessed a strong mix of anchor stores putting together a great set of retailers such as Cinemark, Casas Bahia, Lojas Americanas, Vivara, Le Lis Blanc as well as Riachuelo, Renner and Marisa. With the expansion, the mall that was already the most important shopping destination in Tocantins added comfort and shopping options. The expansion adds 51 new stores, a new event hall 12 meters wide and 15 meters tall and a new parking lot with 200 indoor parking spaces. New stores include: C&A, Brooksfield, Polo Wear, Carmen Steffens, Le Postiche, O Boticário, Mr. Cat, Mormaii, among others. We estimate that the expansion will generate 1,200 new jobs.

Campinas Shopping

On May 4th, 2015 we opened the first BRMALLS expansion of Campinas Shopping. Launched in 1994, Campinas Shopping was named after the city when its first expansion opened in 2002. It is located in the western region of the city and has an estimated population of 953,000 inhabitants. The city that has a great growth potential due to the expansion of the Viracopos International Airport, becoming one of the main airports in the country and only 15 minutes away from Campinas Shopping. The neighboring cities sum up around 600,000 inhabitants and the surrounding 10 municipalities increase its area of influence, contributing towards innumerous growth possibilities or the shopping mall.

BRMALLS acquired 100% of Campinas Shopping on May 25th, 2008 and already in the first 6 months after the acquisition we were able to increase its NOI by 39%, its occupancy rate by 2.7p.p and decrease its delinquency rate by 8.5p.p.

The expansion adds 4.9 thousand m² to its total GLA, which includes 3 anchor stores (C&A, Centauro and Preço Center), 1 Megastore, 6 satelite stores, and a service area with 1.9 thousand m² of GLA where Detran SP (Government motor vehicle department) will operate (providing services to over 3,000 people a day). On the first day after its inauguration we observed a noticible increase in footfall due to Detran SP.

Estação BH Expansion

In December, we opened the first phase of the Estação BH Expansion. The mall, our 6th greenfield and opened in 2012, is located at an important area with the highest growth rates of the city of Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais. The nearby highlights are the construction of the Administrative Region, which houses the direct administration of the State and 16 thousand civil servants, and the construction of Linha Verde, a freeway connecting the center of the city to the Confins airport. The mall is strategically located at the confluence of three main roads, Avenida Cristiano Machado, Dom Pedro I and Vilarinho, generating an enormous flow in the region.

The expansion of Estação BH was the second expansion in one of our greenfields. The mall already had important anchor stores and irenowned retail brands such as C&A, Casas Bahia, Centauro, Cinépolis, Fast Shop, Leader and Lojas Americanas. With the expansion, the mall that was already an important shopping destination in Belo Horizonte added comfort for its clients. Known for its great demand for food stores, the expansion opened 6 new fast food stores in order to further strengthen the current food court, with stores such as: Koni, Meliá, Na Brasa and Burger King. For our clients' convenience, the expansion added a new enclosed climatized area on all levels of our previously outdoor balconies adding more tables and chairs.

The 2nd phase of the expansion will open in 2018, adding over 20 new stores totaling 1.4 thousand m² of total GLA and 0.8 thousand m² of owned GLA.