Our Dream and Values


Our Dream

To be the biggest and the best shopping mall company in the world.

Our Values

Develop Owners

We hire, train and retain the best people and provide them with an environment in which they have responsibility, autonomy and feel like owners of the business.

Work with Simplicity and Agility

We have a simple, agile, flexible and transparent structure, and we respond quickly to opportunities and changes that occur in the market.

Perform with consistency and efficiency

We act with objectivity, sense of urgency, efficiency and humility, and consistently satisfy our clients and partners' expectations.

Prioritize Growth and Productivity

We are really focused in contributing to BRMALLS' growth, improving the company's productivity and profitability in the short and long term.

Focus on Results and Meritocracy

We work as a team and in a disciplined way in order to consistently exceed challenging goals, and allocate responsibilities and reward based on merit